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Below, you'll find links to faq pages of publishers to help you with all your questions pertaining to self publishing your own books, plus links to find illustrators, book formatting, and e-book questions! You might even find the right publisher to self publish your book with!

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Self Publishing Resources

PR Services

PR by the Book is a boutique publicity firm specializing in traditional media relations, online media relations, social media services, book tour support, and brand consulting. PR by the Book believes in long-term impact that goes beyond the book, using every outreach tool at their disposal, they will connect your message to your audience, creating a personal brand thats built to last. www.prbythebook.com


Writing Software

Write Brothers Inc. is a world leader in developing software products for writers and has been since 1982. It is the only company with software for all phases of writing: creativity, brainstorming, outlining, and formatting. Its top-selling Movie Magic Screenwriter and Dramatica Story Expert, Word Menu, and Outline 4D (formerly StoryView) writing programs are used by leading novelists, fiction writers, screenwriters, and playwrights. Thousands of novels, stage plays, comic scripts, and Hollywood films and TV shows have been written and produced with Write Brothers software. www.screenplay.com


Literature & Latte was founded in 2007 with the sole purpose of creating software that aids in the creative process of writing long texts. Our flagship product, Scrivener, is an award-winning program used by acclaimed authors, Hollywood and independent filmmakers and countless authors in professional and academic fields.


eBook Conversion & Platforms

eBook Architects, a service of Firebrand Technologies, works with authors and publishers of all sizes, designing high-quality eBooks in the major eBook formats. In addition to converting standard trade fiction and non-fiction, eBook Architects has built a solid reputation as the premier development house for complex and enhanced eBooks, including childrens eBooks, eTextbooks, cookbooks, and other design-heavy content. www.ebookarchitects.com


Booktrack synchronizes movie-style soundtracks to eBooks. Music, ambient audio, and sound effects are automatically paced to an individuals reading speed and synchronized to match the story while they read increasing comprehension & enjoyment (NYU Study). Readers get free access to thousands of stories, while authors easily create their own Booktrack titles. Backed by investors including Peter Thiel and Weta Digital, Booktrack is a disruptive force in the publishing and audio world.www.booktrack.com


Thin Reads connects readers to weighty content that is not too long. Thin Reads LLC is the worlds first and only content company devoted to eBook singles, written works of short fiction or non-fiction longer than a magazine article but shorter than a book, a rapidly growing sector of the book industry. Thin Reads is a vital resource for authors and writers, featuring original reviews of eBook singles, author interviews, an exclusive best-seller list, and a database of almost 1,000 eBook singles. new_page_1.htm


National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of your-pants approach to creative writing. On November 1, participants begin working towards the goal of writing a 50,000-word novel by 11:59 p.m. on November 30. Valuing enthusiasm, determination, and a deadline, NaNoWriMo is for anyone who has ever thought fleetingly about writing a novel. www.nanowrimo.org


Contests & Events

Publishing is more accessible than ever, but the path to creating and launching the right book at the right time, in the right way is more confusing than ever before. Book Breakthrough is a transformational online course designed to help you find the best path for YOUR idea, book and business. It offers cutting-edge advice from top NYC publishing insiders and bestselling authors, along with the proven models you need to succeed in todayís competitive marketplace. www.bookbreakthrough.com


Knowledge & Resources

BiblioCrunch is an award-winning author services marketplace that matches authors with quality, award-winning professionals to get your books and apps to market. The platform brokers the interaction between a community of rated and reviewed publishers, authors, designers, editors, proofreaders, conversion specialists, marketers and enhanced eBook experts to help create exceptional digital books.


Author Marketing Club is the leading provider of book marketing tools and training for new and established best-selling authors. Join over 20,000 members by grabbing your free account today. www.authormarketingclub.com


The World Literary Cafe bridges the gap between readers and authors, with the mission of paying-it-forward in the literary field. The WLC offers helpful promotions to authors, reviewers, bloggers, and editors by creating avenues to bring them together under one umbrella. The educational arm of the WLC, Fostering Success, brings authors affordable and effective courses on book marketing, creating a strong platform and online presence, and self-publishing, as well as offering pre-publication services such as cover art and formatting.www.worldliterarycafe.com


A Little Black Book of smart resources created especially for savvy authors, the Writer Cube Book Marketing Database is a comprehensive database that includes everything for book marketing (and more) all in one place. Fully vetted listings including over 3,800 bricks & mortar bookstores in the US, 16,000 libraries, top 800 book and publishing-interest bloggers, social media influencers, independent reviewers, writers conferences, the best independent literary publicists, book designers, editors, and much more.www.bookmarketingdb.com


Self-Pub Boot Camp is an educational series of blogs, how-to guides and online workshops by longtime self-publishing expert Carla King. She offers affordable coaching to help you do it yourself or you can use her team to assist with tasks like editing and design, websites, blogs, social media setup and distribution. A self-published author since 1995, Carla is recognized as one of the most trusted self-publishing experts in the industry.www.selfpubbootcamp.com

Self Publishing Tips - Self publishing is the new vogue for authors.

Gone are the days when you had to write your manuscript and send it out to thousands of publishers in the hope that your work would land on the desk of the right person.

Self publishing a book is easy once you know how. And here are 10 essential tips that you really must follow if you want your published books to be successful.

1. Study your competition
Look at all the books already available on your chosen subject and make sure you're not just rehashing what's already there. Ensure your book is different from the rest so that it really stands out.

2. Always have marketing on your mind
Have a marketing plan before you start writing. Think of who your potential readers are, how you're going to reach them and how you're going to entice them to buy your book. Then pick a publishing date and work towards it. Finish your book well in advance and start promoting it at least 4 months before it's published.

3. Write for your target audience
Be certain you know who you're writing for. Don't pick a topic that only you and a handful of others are interested in. And don't write a book full of personal opinions or tirades about anyone or anything. Keep personal writing for your own journal only.

4. Have a great title
Your book's title can be the most important thing, so choose it carefully. Use a subtitle as well if you want to further explain your book to your potential readers.

5. Use a professional editor
Don't ever think that you can edit and proof read your own work. No author can or should. You are always too close to your own work to see its faults so use a professional.

6. Educate yourself.
Self publishing really is a business so you need to approach it in a professional manner. Done properly, self publishing your own books can be extremely lucrative.

7. Set out the interior correctly
Your preliminary pages need to be set out correctly and the rest of the interior of your book needs to be inviting to read. If you're not sure how it should look, just take a look at the interior of some books in your subject/genre to get some general ideas.

8. Don't leave anything out
Make sure your book has all the necessary components including an ISBN, barcode, subject category, etc.

9. Create an impressive cover
People say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, but we all do. So make sure that your cover is not just impressive, but is also suitable for your book's subject/genre.

10. Market and promote your book all the time
No one loves your book as much as you do so market it as much as you can, as far as you can and as enthusiastically as you can. Use every medium that you can to publicize your book including newspapers, radio, television and the internet. Write articles on your subject and plaster them all over the internet, on as many blogs, article directories and web sites as you can find.

Once your book is written, marketed, published and is producing thousands of sales, then it's time to write your next book.

About The Author: Ruth Barringham is a freelance writer and online marketer and has been writing professionally since 1999. She started her own publishing company in 2007 where she publishes all her books and e-books. She also has an inspirational website for writers at Writeaholics.net.

Terms of Reprinting or Republishing: This article is free for you to use and can be republished on your own blog, website, newsletter, etc. But it must not be altered in any way and the author's resource box (see "about the author" section above) must be included, complete with live, clickable links. Failureto follow these reprint/republishing terms is copyright infringement and will be legally dealt with as such.

More Resources

Since 1997, Smith Publicity has forged a reputation as one of the finest book marketing agencies in the industry to help authors establish their brands and spark book sales. They have promoted thousands of books from New York Times bestsellers to first time self-published projects. Smith Publicity invites you to visit their website
and sign up for their book publicity tips newsletter. BookBaby authors receive a free marketing and publicity consultation, so feel free to contact them at info@SmithPublicity.com or 856-489-8654 to brainstorm ideas to help you with your book marketing goals.

Learn more about Smith Publicity


MasterWriter is the premier writing software built specifically for authors. Used by renowned writers William Peter Blatty, Bob Zemeckis, Andrew Davis, Paul Brickman, Peter Seaman, MasterWriter is a writers best friend. As a BookBaby author you receive a free trial of MasterWriter as well as an exclusive savings of $15 on a one-year membership, or $20 on a two-year membership, making MasterWriter super affordable for writers at any level.

Learn more about MasterWriter


Tired of marketing your book all by yourself? Social media is the primary vehicle to get the word out and yet, your reach goes only as far as your own network. Bookarma is a new mechanism where authors help other authors market their books globally through shared social media. Now you can break through the boundaries of your own social networks, and for $15 per month you can reach an entirely new audience! Its a simple concept. Authors help authors. What goes
around, comes around. Its Karma  Bookarma! Use the coupon code BookBaby at checkout

Learn more about Bookarma.


FirstEditing.com offers proofreading, copyediting, and rewriting services for ALL document types: including fiction, non-fiction, academic papers, corporate documents, and more. They also offer several levels of editing services: from basic proofreading all the way up to what they call Executive Content Editing. As a BookBaby author you receive a 17% discount on editing services from FirstEditing.com.

Learn more about FirstEditing.com.


Bound Book Scanning is a mail-in book scan service. They offer affordable methods of transferring any paper book to a clear, searchable PDF and editable Word doc. Bound Book Scanning uses professional-grade equipment, careful handling, and customized processing to ensure top quality results. Theres no minimum order and they offer fast turnaround times. As a BookBaby author you
receive a 10% discount on scanning services from Bound Book Scanning.

Learn more about Bound Book Scanning.


Creating and distributing your press release is fast and easy with PR Newswire. Itís easy to create and upload your press release and they will be instantly distributed through the vast PR Newswire network. Press releases are an important element in your book marketing mix, and PR Newswire helps you spread your news far and wide! As a BookBaby author you receive a 10% discount on press release distribution from PR Newswire.

Learn more about PR Newswire.

Goodreads is the worlds largest site for readers and book
recommendations. Since we started in 2007, we havve grown to more than 30 million members, with 900 million books added and 24 million reviews. Every second, Goodreads members add 5 books to their want to read shelves. More than 100,000 authors have joined the Goodreads Author Program to take advantage of the promotional tools Goodreads offers to reach a wide network of passionate readers. www.goodreads.com


Circle of Seven Productions (a.k.a. COS Productions) is the leading producer and distributor of book trailers. Having a great video is just half of what you need to capture the attention of your audience.

You need to find the right audience. Not only does COS Productions create video and offer social media marketing packages, but we provide distribution service of book video to reader groups, media, librarians, book bloggers and genre-specific sites. Outreach to readers with entertaining book video is our specialty.

rifflebooks.com) can be used as a platform to promote your titles. Riffle Select is instant access to free and specially discounted ebooks, delivered to your inbox. Our daily deal email Riffle Select (rifflebooks.com/select) is a great way to send your book to a dedicated list of subscribers in your category. www.rifflebooks.com


Accelerate your book marketing success with Bublish. Bublishs
powerful, award-winning suite of creation and social marketing tools is used by thousands of writers around the world to share stories, reach new readers, track engagement and build a dynamic author brand that drives book sales.www.bublish.com


NoiseTrade is a tribe-building platform where authors and publishers meaningfully connect with readers through the exchange of free ebooks and audiobooks for email addresses and postal codes. Whether
you are a self-published author or a major publisher, NoiseTrade is the best way to build your audience and turn casual readers into customers.books.noisetrade.com

Book Promotions and Reviews

Readers Favorite is the fastest growing book review and award contest site on the Internet. We have earned the respect of renowned publishers like Random House, Simon & Schuster and Harper Collins, and have received the Best Websites for Authors and Honoring Excellence awards from the Association of Independent Authors. In addition to providing free reviews for authors we also host a respected annual international book award contest to help authors obtain more recognition and exposure.


Story Cartel harnesses the virtually unlimited power of readers producing crowd-sourced reviews that go straight to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, blogs and more. www.storycartel.com


Self-Publishing Review offers professional self-published book review packages and indie book editing services from less than $1 a
page, as well as featuring news and resources on the self-publishing
process. SPR, founded in 2008 in LA, has a staff of professional
reviewers and editors from the US and UK. With 170,000 views a month and nearly 40,000 social followers, SPR has been cited by The Guardian UK and The NYT as a top resource for indie authors.


Writing The End is just the beginning Now build an audience
with a professional book review. Self-publishers face an uphill battle finding readers. Greatly increase your chances with an objective review. Our critics have written for The New York Times, Washington Post and more; others have edited at top publishing houses including Viking and Crown. BlueInks widely syndicated reviews are taken seriously by readers and book professionals. BookBaby authors receive a $75 discount using coupon code D7G4. www.blueinkreview.com

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